Lasik Laser Surgery

Lasik Laser Surgery

Get Rid of Your Glasses with LASIK Eye Surgery! You can easily correct your vision defects with LASIK eye surgery, which is also known as laser eye treatment. In the LASIK operation, which offers an alternative option to the use of contact lenses and glasses, the cornea is reshaped. LASIK surgeries, which are good alternatives to solve vision problems, are applied in different vision disorders. These are: • Nearsightedness (myopia) • Farsightedness (hyperopia) • Astigmatism

FAQS about LASIK surgery
The patient needs to be compatible to the operation to get rid of vision problems with LASIK, which is among the most preferred eye surgeries. The criteria that are looked for the LASIK surgery:

Suitable for those who aged 18 and over.
It is checked that if the degree of eye disorder can be corrected with LASIK operation. For instance, that is 10 for myopia and 4 for hyperopia.
There shouldn’t be another eye-related disease other than vision problems.
Thickness of the cornea

In order to perform the LASIK operation, detailed eye examination and tests are performed first. After finding out that the patient is a suitable candidate for the surgery, other stages are started. Neither general nor needle anaesthesia is applied in the LASIK operation. The operation is performed with anaesthesia administered via eye drops.

There might occur some burning or sting sensation and light sensitivity after the LASIK treatment. For this reason, the patient should wear sunglasses after the operation, should use the eyedrops regularly and should comply with the doctor’s directions.
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