Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

You can eradicate your hearing problems with cochlear implant, which is also known as bionic ear. Cochlear implant is a medical device that is used to treat patients with severe hearing loss. The aim of the device is to stimulate the nerves inside the ear. The bionic ear, which has two parts, the outer and inner part, is placed on the lower part of the scalp, behind the auricle

The working principle of the cochlear implant consists of three stages. The first of these steps is the microphone’s perception of the sound, the filtering process, and the processing the sound.

FAQs about Cochlear Implant
Not everyone with a hearing problem is compatible with cochlear implant. The features of the candidate who are compatible are:

Children born with hearing loss
Patients with advanced and severe hearing loss
Those who cannot efficiently use hearing devices because of a past autoimmune inner ear disease.
Adults who have hearing loss because of an accident or disease.
Cochlear implants surgeries are operated under general anaesthesia. Average duration of the operations is three to four hours.
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