Increase Your Vision Quality with Cataract Surgery The loss of transparency in the lens of the eye is called cataract. The eye lens, which has a glassy and shiny structure, gets blurry due to various reasons. Accordingly, while the clarity of the vision is lost, vision quality is similar to in ground glass. This level varies from person to person, patients experience loss of vision because of cataracts. Although the reason of cataract is generally aging, it can be seen among all ages including new-borns.

The reason of the disease apart from aging and genetics:

• Diabetes
• Eye injuries
• Cortisone-based medicines
• Inflammation in the eye

FAQs about Cataract Surgery
Cataract is one of the most performed surgeries in the eye category. Cataract surgeries can be with needle and needle-free. Before the surgery, the doctor makes some tests. According to the results of the tests and measurements, a lens is chosen. The duration of the surgery varies between 10 and 20 minutes. After the operation, the patient is expected to have light meals. Apart from that, the things that you need to be careful about are:
  • In the week following the surgery, the patient should not lift heavy things.
  • Display extra caution when showering as there should be no water in the eye.
  • The patient should not drive after the surgery.
  • The vision might be blurry the first few days after the surgery
  • The patient should avoid receiving an impact and a pressure should not be applied to the eye.
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