DHI stands for “direct hair implantation”. In the DHI hair transplantation method, a medical pen called choi is used. Applied by professionals who are experts in the field, this implanting process is performed with a special medical pen without the need for any incision or channel opening. This provides both comfort and convenience to the patient. The purpose of the DHI hair transplant method is to complete the whole process quickly, easily and comfortably.

Applying the DHI Hair Transplantion Technique
DHI hair transplantation is completed in seven special steps. The first step is to carefully collect the hair follicles with the help of a special medical pen. Then the collected hair follicles are classified among themselves so that the transplantation process can be healthy and of high quality. Among the classified hair follicles, healthy ones suitable for transplantation are determined. In order to transplant healthy hair follicles, those are placed into the implanter pen one by one. During the DHI process, a medical pen tip that is suitable for the patient’s head structure is selected. In the DHI hair transplantion method, no incisions are made while transplanting healthy hair follicles. Instead, round sockets are created in the skin and grafts are placed inside. After the completion of this process, the procedure is terminated. The next stage, and also the last stage, is a rapid recovery process.

What is the Difference Between the DHI Hair Transplantion Method and the FUE Hair Transplantion Method?
The DHI hair transplantation method differs from the FUE hair transplantation method in terms of the procedure, the healing process and results. There is no shaving the hair during the DHI hair transplantion method. Thanks to the DHI hair transplantation process and technology, the healthy stem cells taken are transplanted to the determined area in a couple of minutes. The fact that the transplantion period is very short ensures that root losses are negligible. In addition, it helps to get fast and successful results in areas where the patient’s hair is not completely shed but thinned.

Why Should I Choose the DHI Hair Transplantion Method?
The DHI hair transplantation method is very successful at creating the desired effects in terms of the treatment process and results. In addition, the rapid recovery process after the procedure increases the quality of life and comfort of patients. In short, the DHI hair transplantation method is the fastest, most comfortable and successful method to achieve the charismatic hair you’ve been longing for.
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