If I want to organize a trip in Turkey after the treatment; can i get support from you?

You can get support from the Clinic Away team for your travel, accommodation, transfer, flight and celebration organizations.

Will I be able to see my doctor after the treatment?

Aiming 100% customer satisfaction, Clinic Away has clarified the pre-treatment and post-treatment procedures as well as the post-treatment procedures. After the treatment, our patients hold online meetings with their doctors and Clinic Away officials at a predetermined frequency.

Does the Clinic Away service budget include the accommodation, flight and transfer fees?

The Clinic Away service package includes the patient's accommodation, flight and transfer fees.

Can I get information about treatment costs?

Compared to European and US countries, healthcare costs in Turkey are 70 or 80 percent lower. In this way, individuals benefiting from medical tourism can receive better health services and greatly reduce their costs. Celebration dinner and cultural tours can also be organized after the patient's treatment. All these will be organized at the request of the patient and their relatives; health service package costs will also be calculated according to the extra requests. In addition, it will be more economical for the patients to calculate all the requests beforehand, and all the requests of the patients will be met quickly during the treatment.

Can you inform us about the process after applying to Clinic Away?

After the application of Clinic Away, you will have an online meeting with our expert who is experienced in medical tourism and has a good command of English You can ask any kind of questions to Clinic Away representative during the online meeting. After the Clinic Away application and pre-processes, all processes related to your arrival in Turkey are completed. After your arrival in Turkey, you will be greeted at the airport by your Clinic Away client. From the airport pick-up to your hospitalization, your treatment and the following process are organized by the Clinic Away representative. A Clinic Away official visits you frequently during the treatment to ensure the quality of health care and your comfort. In addition, if you request, a healthcare worker who speaks excellent English will be assigned to you 24/7.

What are the procedures I need to complete in order to receive treatment in Turkey?

All procedures necessary for you to receive medical services in Turkey will be shared by the officials of Clinic Away. You can also talk to Clinic Away officials about all processes such as visa procedures, flight ticket purchases or accommodation.

What should I take with me when I come to Turkey?

It is very important to have all the documents you may need regarding your medical problem when you come to Turkey to receive medical services. In this way, our doctor will have full knowledge of all the details of your medical history.

How long should I stay in Turkey after the treatment?

How long your treatment process will take will vary according to the medical service you want to receive. After making your Clinic Away application, the Clinic Away representative will provide detailed information about the estimated treatment time. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the treatment process is directly proportional to the recovery process of the patient.

Can I talk to my doctor and someone authorized from you before I come to Turkey?

A Clinic Away representative conducts a preliminary interview in order to provide correct guidance on the medical service you want to receive. After the pre-interview and the selection of the recommended doctor, you can hold an online meeting with the doctor and the Clinic Away representative.

Can I choose any of the Clinic Away doctors?

A doctor's recommendation is made by the Clinic Away team, which is expert and knowledgeable in medical tourism, according to the medical service you need. After the patient's approval, together with the doctor's recommendation, the doctor to be served is decided.

What are the service categories of Clinic Away?

Clinic Away offers full service to those who want to receive health services in seven main categories: obesity surgery, aesthetic surgery, eye surgery, oral and dental treatment, urology, gynecology and obstetrics, and ear-nose-throat treatment.

Why should I get service from Clinic Away?

With its expert and experienced staff in the field of medical tourism, Clinic Away offers an excellent service. You don't have to worry about your comfort while being examined by doctors who are experts in their fields. Because Clinic Away provides a excellent health experience with its friendly staff, high quality and fast service. The service quality of all the doctors we receive service is guaranteed; Our procedures are transparent.

What are the advantages of being treated in Turkey?
  • High health service quality and comfort
  • Knowledge and experience of healthcare staff
  • Low health care costs in Turkey compared to other countries
  • The abundance of natural and historical beauties of Turkey
  • Turkey's location
Can I get information about the treatment standards of hospitals and clinics?

When it comes to the quality of health services in the world, Turkey is one of the countries placed near the top. Turkey is one step ahead in proportion to the number of hospitals that have received the JCI accredited certificate, which means the gold standard in global health care. In addition, Clinic Away is an accredited institution approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. This means that the diagnosis and treatment services offered to patients include the newest and most advanced applications defined in the medical literature, and that all applications are supervised by "competent" specialists other than the practitioner.

Will I have communicative problems because of the language?

With our strong staff who know English well, we follow all processes closely so that our patients do not have any communication difficulties. In addition to this, translation services are provided in German, Arabic, Spanish or another languages upon the request of our patients.

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is when individuals go to another country from their country of residence to recover their health. The individuals are called medical tourists when they go to another country for treatment.