The importance of the face in effective communication with people is undeniable. The role of the face cannot be thrown into the background within seconds of creating the first impression. For this reason, cosmetic nose surgery operations, called rhinoplasty, have many advantages. You can take advantage of the power of rhinoplasty for an aesthetic appearance and for breathing in a healthy way. Open Rhinoplasty Closed Rhinoplasty Tip Plasty Revision Rhinoplasty Pushdown Rhinoplasty Piezo Rhinoplasty

Aesthetic operations that eliminate the deformities of the nose are called rhinoplasty. In rhinoplasty operations that can be performed both open and closed, attention should be paid to functionality as well as aesthetics. Rhinoplasty operation brings many advantages.

These are:
• Congenital or acquired non-aesthetic nasal disorders are eliminated.
• Aesthetic touches provide patients with a brand-new look.
• The appearance obtained after rhinoplasty has a positive effect on the patient’s image and psychology.
• After the rhinoplasty procedure, the patient can breathe more comfortably and healthily, and the snoring problem is resolved.

Rhinoplasty operation is important, as well as before and after the operation. After the interview with the doctor, it is decided whether the patient is a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty. In addition, in these conversations, the details of how the nose appearance should be and will be clarified. The average duration of rhinoplasty operations performed under general anaesthesia is three hours. Many changes can be made in the nose structure with rhinoplasty operation.

These are:
• Nose size
• Nose angle
• Straightening the bridge of the nose
• Arrangement of the nostrils
• Shaping the tip of the nose

It is normal to feel swelling and pain after rhinoplasty operations. It is recommended to lie down with the nose of the patient in a higher position than both the face and the lower part of the body in order to breathe comfortably and alleviate the pain after the operation. During the recovery period, patients should strictly follow the doctor’s directions and should not tire themselves.

Open Rhinoplasty
In this rhinoplasty method, a small incision is made under the nasal tip, between the nostrils. It allows the surgeon more complete access to the nasal structures, where he can then sculpt the nose into the desired shape. The scars in open rhinoplasty are well-hidden in the natural contours of the nose so they are as unnoticeable as possible.

Closed Rhinoplasty
Incisions in this technic are made inside the nostril. This method is most commonly used for patients who need more minor adjustments to the nasal structures to achieve their desired improvements. With this method, there is no visible scarring after surgery; however, this approach may not be suitable for more extensive and complicated rhinoplasty cases.

Nasal Tip Surgery (Tip Plasty)
Tip plasty involves reshaping the nasal tip only, without affecting the other structures in the nose. Plastic surgeons may use the open or closed approach for tip plasty.

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